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SLL has over 75,000 sqm ordinary temperature storage spaces, handling a variety of goods. Increasing a storage efficiency by using shelves and nestainers, setting an efficient operation lay-out...etc., using know-how of the warehousing company, we suggest the each good's best storage solutions to customers


SSL also has constant-temperature spaces.
We provide warehousing service for precision instruments and pharmaceuticals in temperature-controlled condition.


We provide various distribution proessing services such as labeling, enclosing instructions, tag putting etc..
Besides, we also handle transportation packing services (packaging, corner protecting, lashing, shrink wrapping.)


We handle sorting, picking and packing operations of up to 20,000 small-sized electrical parts. The long-term handling experience of them enable us to deal with various high-mix low-volume products.


Making the best use of our own trucks and cooperating company's trucks, we provide regular transport service between customer's factory and warehouse, delivery inside Shanghai, and long distance transport from Shanghai to other cities in China.

Nearby Shanghai:Our-own trucks for delivery
Domestic distribution:Cooperating with sound companies
GPS management:Self-own tracks


We also provide our customers with the operation at their factories. For example we receive products at the end of production lines, pack and load them into our trucks, then transport to our warehouse for keeping. Besides, we will provide other logistics services such as warehouse management service inside a customer's factory.